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StockMarketTiming.com, LLC is a leading subscription-based independent financial service for investors and traders who are looking for a consistent and effective method for increasing their savings in both bullish and bearish markets. Our market timing system has an outstanding long-term track record for trading the popular Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs: DIA, SPY, and QQQ). Performance results are independently verified by Alpha Performance Verification Services and TimerTrac. Our number one goal has always been to produce results that consistently outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing.

We invite you to Join Now and prosper from our valuable service!

Members of our ETF-Market Timing Service use our proven methods to trade the popular Exchange Traded Funds (DIA, SPY, and QQQ). Our ETF - Market Timing Service has consistently outperformed the market with real-time trading results.

Members of SMT's Premium Stocks Service will receive one new stock pick with chart analysis & commentary each Friday at the close. See a before and after example, visit our performance record, and learn more about this exciting service.

Our ETF-Market Timing Service provides intraday signals through our SMT.IND System. These signals show the exact entry and exit trading prices and direction (long, short, or hold cash) for DIA, SPY, and QQQ. Our system has been live since July 2001. In addition, members receive a very comprehensive weekly newsletter.

Year 2018 Results

(Close: 05/11/18):
We are starting off the year with excellent returns. Our latest SMT.IND system trading signal is up +2.90%: (+2.70% DIA, +2.85% SPY, +3.14% QQQ). Join Now to find out when our next signal change will be issued to members.

Year 2017 Results

Our SMT.IND System profited +14.1% YTD (+9.0% DIA, +9.5% SPY, +23.6% QQQ). Join Now!

Performance Summary of DIA, SPY and QQQ

Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of our SMT.IND System

SMT.IND System (Intraday, Year 2000 - Present):
CAGR of each ETF: +16.8% DIA, +16.1% SPY, and +23.6% QQQ
Buy-and-Hold: +4.4% DIA, +2.0% SPY, and +3.4% QQQ

CAGR Individual Trades (Year 2000 - Present) (Excel, PDF)
CAGR Performance Summary Tables & Charts (Excel, PDF)

  • Our performance returns are independently verified by Alpha Performance Verification Services, TimerTrac, and constantly monitored by hundreds of members.

  • Results (shown above) are based on a "fixed" amount of capital (i.e., non compounded). Yearly results calculated by the arithmetic computation method are derived by the summation of individual investment returns and dividing the total by the number of investment periods.

  • Why Trade Reasons why it is imperative to trade the stock market using our proven method (i.e., a combination of technical and mechanical analysis) as opposed to the buy-and-hold strategy can be understood in a few charts: (1) historical secular bull and bear markets of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (2) secular markets explained by trends in the price/earnings ratios (P/E) of the S&P 500 Index, and (3) how just by using a simple price and moving average crossover technique (our method is more complex and proprietary) applied to a bear and bull cycle of the S&P 500 Index will 'greatly' outperform the buy-and-hold strategy of investing. Our proprietary methodology focuses on a combination of technical elements and our mechanical system. The combination of these methods maintain a tight control on losses and maximize gains.

    If your current trading style has not matched our performance over the last several years,
    we encourage you to Join Now and prosper from our valuable service!

    ~ Friends Don't Let Friends Buy & Hold! ~

    The StockMarketTiming.com Team

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